Tending of Sacred Fire

Tending of Sacred Fire


Start 25 apr 2019 17:00
Eind 28 apr 2019 17:00
Registratie Startdatum 24 jan 2019 9:00
Sluitingsdatum 29 apr 2019 9:00
Prijs p.p. 580,00
Hof van Axen
Bosweg 4, 9439 TL Witteveen, Nederland
Hof van Axen

The Sacred Fire is an ancient grief tending ceremony. It offers a gathering place for grace and the opportunity to release compressed emotions. These hidden emotions hinder our capacity to fully live our best life.

The sacred fire deeply connects us to past relations and to all present with the fire. As sorrows are shared and lovingly held, we experience a connection to a future with new possibilities and potential.

The Sacred Fire offers support in sudden trauma, personal challenges or global concerns and in the ongoing care of the soul.

During the teaching your are invited to:
- Learn the protocol & fundamentals of Sacred Fire from set up to close,
- Experience a 48-hour Sacred Fire, in shifts holding space for others,
- Practice the supporting roles of Head Water Woman & Head Fire Boy*,
- Create a vital network of people knowledgable in this ancestral ceremony with the ability to offer Sacred Fire as need arises.

* The original protocol for this ancestral ceremony, calls for
only women to serve as Water Women and only men to
tend the Fire. During the KIVA-Gathering 2018 at Burcolo,
this tradition was modified to allow
individuals to serve in the role they feel called to.

The teachings are given by Grandma Dawn Roh from California/USA. Following her calling, she shares her knowledge, dedication and love for the tending of Sacred Fire.

Grandma Dawn held 72-hour Sacred Fire at the Roots of the Earth - KIVA - Netherlands in 2018. I was so impressed with the deep changes I saw occur in people attending this Ceremony, that I decided to ask her to come to the Netherlands and give a teaching about tending Sacred Fire.

It will give more people the knowledge and skills to tend a Sacred Fire. It is of such huge value to experience what happens when being fully present and without judgement when listening to the Sacred Story of another. This alone is something that can change the world. To support one another in expressing ourselves deeply and create the possibility to transform through that. We will shine our light more and more and create a different world.

I organize the teaching together with Lisa Beck and Tomek Baumstamm and Grandma Dawn of course.

Fee for the teaching:
Early bird: € 490,— till 19th February
After that: € 580,—

The fee includes:
Teaching of Tending Sacred Fire, 3-night accommodation in a semi private bedroom (two people per room with separate beds), shared showers/toilets, all meals prepared,
starting with dinner on Thursday evening and ending with lunch on Sunday afternoon (all vegetarian, wheat free and 95% organic), coffee/tea and snacks, use of garden and lake, all taxes.

There is a limited class size of 20 people. So if you are interested, reserve your spot as soon as possible.

For more information or any questions you might have, contact:

There is more in-depth information available:
- extended information about the program,
- information about Dawn and the team
- an Entry Form.