The Sacred Union

The Sacred Union


Start 15 nov 2018 9:30
Eind 18 nov 2018 17:00
Registratie Startdatum 26 okt 2018 19:00
Sluitingsdatum 18 nov 2018 19:00
Prijs p.p. 620,-


♥ ... a place of Trust, Relaxation and Love
♥ ... a place of high Consciousness
♥ ... a place where women can be true Women and men can be true Men
♥ ... a place where we can openly share our longings and desires without fear
♥ ... a place where we can enjoy our polarities and fall in Oneness together
♥ ... a place to stand next to each other in our full Masculine and Feminine Forces.

Let’s find our ways to stand firm and balanced next to eachother in full support and devotion to our feminine and masculine forces. This true Sacred Union is what we wish for a healthy world ✨✨✨

While working with women and men in several ways, we felt the desire to consciously bring the healing energies of men and women together in a retreat that is specifically about that. We did so in May 2018, hosting a retreat about the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine within ourselves and each other, meeting in a powerful and healthy way as men and women in the here and now and healing on a personal and collective level. We feel immense gratitude to the participants that dove, bathed, swam, enjoyed and celebrated with us in all there was to encounter together. It was even more beautiful than we envisioned, so all we can do is continue and dive deeper in the next edition.

Since people know us from all kinds of Healing Rituals, Womb Wisdom and Male Wisdom Retreats, Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Shamanic Sound Healing Concerts, we will combine all our medicine gifts in these retreat. We will work with sharing circles, Sacred Union rituals, ancient tantra meditations, diving deep into the woman's womb and feminine essence and into the men's hara, the seat of his potent masculine essence, supported by sound medicine healing and plant medicine ceremonies (Sacred Cacao and Blue Lotus for instance, no ayahuasca!). We will be tuning into the amazingly interesting and sometimes overwelmingly confusing 'other sex', to exchange and celebrate together. And on top of it all, there will be delicious organic and orgasmic food!

This retreat is for men and women who are ready to...
♥ ... dive deeper into the dynamics between men and women
♥ ... watch their own behaviour towards the relationship between men and women
♥ ... view deeper into their main obstacles and deal with them
♥ ... feel the longing to connect to their natural femine/masculine flow
♥ ... heal the seperation and misunderstanding between the Masculine and the Feminine
♥ ... show yourself as a part of healthy and powerful dynamics between men and women

You are very welcome to journey with us if you feel a YES to this.

This retreat will be in the beautiful retreat centre 'De Hof van Axen' in Witteveen, Drenthe.

Since we aim to have an equal amount of men and women, we invite you to subscribe together - you don't need to be a couple in daily life. But if you feel the longing and call alone, you are welcome and we will sort it out. There is space for only 8 men and 8 women.

The price of this retreat is € 620,- per person, including all the rituals, ceremonies, plant medicines, the meals and a bed on a double bedroom.

It is nice if you show your interest on this facebook page, but it is necessary to make your reservation by email via After you receive a confirmation, your spot is reserved and we ask you to pay half of the amount (€ 310,-) as a prepayment. The other half we like to receive a latest one month before the retreat (15th of October 2018).

Please pay your prepayment within two weeks of subscribing and the second half before the 15th of October 2018 on the bankaccount of J.G.M Karssen in Hierden, The Netherlands.
IBAN: NL59RABO0106703552, BIC : RABONL2U. Write your full name and the start date of the retreat in the description of the payment (20181115). Please send a screenshot or photo of your prepayment to, this makes it easy for Marie Louise to do the administration.

Our intention is to be as fair as possible to all concerned. The organization of these retreats involves the commitment of people in the team and the reservation of the retreat spot. As we make the commitments to organize this well, we need your (financial) commitment too.
- By confirming your participation, your spot is reserved for you.
- By confirming your participation, you commit to paying the prepayment amount of € 310,- within two weeks of registering and the other half of € 310,- before the 15th of October 2018
- In case you have to cancel your participation, please notice that the prepayment is non-refundable.
- As from one month before the retreat (15-10) you commit to pay the full amount, which isn't refundable anymore as from that date, as we can’t afford people dropping out shortly before the retreat. We hope this is understandable.

>>> Of course you might give or sell your entrance to some one else. Please, do this in consultation with us because we carefully put this group of men and women together.​ You can always ask us if there is a waitinglist, so we can help you. <<<

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via and Marie Louise will answer all your questions.


"YES... it was MAGIC! Radiant and serene... you beauties...!"
- Lotte Kerkhoven

"Wauw, wat was het een magische week, hier nog zacht aan het landen en volop aan het nagenieten. Jullie samen zijn echt fantastisch, zo fijn dat jullie dit delen met de wereld! ❤"
- Agnes Geense

"Loved it all, especially all you people and the open and tender-sweet energy flowing!"
- O. B. Bommel

"Het was overheerlijk, helend, verfrissend en vervullend en meer voorbij de woorden.
- Ine Braaksma

"... Als je stemmetjes ( je mening, gedachten, gevoelens) je vertellen dat dit geen aanbod is voor jou... wel dan is dat misschien een reden om te gaan. Twee jaar geleden deed ik de Womb Wisdom Retreat bij yama en ik ging erheen begeleid door een hoop commentaar, vooroordelen en stoffige overtuigingen, angst en boosheid in mijn lijf. De gang naar de Sacred Union Retraite was daar een milde afspiegeling van. En beide keren belandde ik ter plekke in een sfeer , ruimte en samenzijn, die vooral als heel gewoon, natuurlijk, vervullend en als thuiskomen aanvoelt. Dit samen met mijn partner te doen, maakt dat we elkaar kunnen stimuleren om dit thuis te brengen. (...) Ik hoop dat velen van jullie gaan. Ik wens het iedereen en de wereld toe. Je kunt trouwens ook prima komen zonder partner, hoe meer diversiteit hoe boeiender de ervaringen in de groep en hoe meer je in jezelf kunt openen." Ine Braaksma

While working with the sacred medicines, connecting deeply with the medicine plant spirits in this realm of high consciousness and full potential, Zelday and Yama were initiated as a gifted Medicine Couple in the deep jungle of Peru. They got the profound task to translate this priceless knowledge into sounds and touch in their work at home. It is from this highly Sacred Space that they bring their Shamanic Tantra, Sound & Plant Medicine work.

Yama's teachings and transmissions are based on her fully embodied experience in healing herself in different sacred traditions, lineage teachings and initiations, the most profound ones being the Kaula Heart of All, her Tantric Family, the Plant Masters in the Amazonian jungle and the ancient healing ways of the indigenous Paqo's in the Andean mountains.
By overcoming several 'uncurable' diseases, she deeply connected with nature and all of creation, finding herself on an ancient shamanic path, having access to universal spiritual wisdom and being able to transmit these transcendental energies into this world. Yama brings hidden (but not secret) ancient healing tools that (re)activate the deep yet often forgotten power within you. Tools to clear the past, release toxic emotions, open your energetic pathways, activate your sacred sensual self, bring balance into your relationships and harness your creative potential.
Yama has the gift to reawaken and empower you to become aware of your intuitive voice, free your energies by connecting with the unique pure you and unlock your potent inner source for creativity, spiritual growth and transformation.

While today's time rumbles forward as an express train, Zelday embarked on a journey back in time with an instrument that has its origin in the Aboriginal clans of Northern Australia. This versatile instrument deeply enriches his life in a spiritual as well as in a physically way.
Traveling for a long time in its country of origin to taste the sand of the land, Hans gained valuable knowledge to produce his own homemade didgeridoos and through the years he created a big collection of didges made from different kind of woods, in addition to original eucalyptus species. In the 15 years that Zelday mainly played the didgeridoo, he gained many influences and teachings, so his music styles vary widely from percussive, dance and funky grooves to deeply meditative.
After some thorough transformation work, i.a. with sacred plant medicine from the Amazon, the movement towards Sound Healing sessions and ceremonies (re)occured, besides his musical projects. This healing work is about a deep rememberance of our actual human existence, a universal consciousness, our collective and individual inspiration from which everyone and everything is built. WIth sound as his tool, he is able to share from this space of awareness, translating the high states of pure consciousness that he finds there into vibrations, using the Sun Gong, singing bowls, - bars, chimes, his guitar and more in addition to his didges.


We welcome you from a deep space of Consciousness and Love,
Yama & Zelday ♡

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